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Deluxe Facial Brush
An ultra-soft bristle facial brush for deep cleansing of the skin. Use with a Dermalogica cleanser to gently exfoliate the skin and remove dulling surface debris.

Dermal Clay Cleanser
A purifying and cooling blend of naturally oil-absorbing bentonite and kaolin clays with astringent plant extracts of watercress and menthol. Recommended for deep cleansing of oily skin. Concentrate on areas of congestion. Rinse off with tepid water.

Essential Cleansing Solution
A milky cleanser that gently cleanses even the driest skin. The soothing emulsion contains plant extracts of rosemary and safflower and is totally water-soluble. Rinses off easily, leaving the skin smooth and supple.

Special Cleansing Gel
A gentle foaming, soap-free gel that cleanses the skin thoroughly without stripping essential moisture. Herbal extracts of saponaria and lavender foam up to a creamy lather that rinses off easily with water.

Ultracalming cleanser for face and eyes
An extremely gentle cleansing gel/cream effective enough to remove eye make-up. Can either be rinsed off or gently removed with cotton. This calming cleanser combats the skin conditions associated with environmental assault, leaves no irritating residue and is formulated for even the most sensitized skin that cannot tolerate water.

Formulated with Dermalogica's unique Anti-Ozonate Complex of Fumaric Acid, Fumitory and Lemon Extract that protects skin against damage from reactive ozone. A soothing Lavender base contains extracts of Cucumber, Echinacea and Rasberry for their anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and healing properties.

Anti-Bac Skin Wash
A naturally-foaming, antibacterial face wash designed to deep cleanse the skin of excess oil and impurities without harsh drying effects. With exclusive Skin Response Complex to purify and soothe the skin. Ideally suited for acne-prone/oily skin.

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Gentle Cream Exfoliant
A concentrated, ultra-smoothing treatment to accelerate skin renewal. Exfoliating complex of alpha hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, sulfur and peeling enzymes actively removes dead surface cells. Smooth over clean skin, rinse after 15 minutes.

Multi-Active Toner
Multi-purpose moisturizing spirtz, rehydrates and helps balance moisture absorption. Plant extracts of mallow, arnica and soothing aloe vera combine to condition and protect the skin. Moisture-binding proteins and essential fatty acids increase the skin's moisture levels. Use as a super-light daily moisturizer, or aply underneath moisturizer.

Skin Purifying Wipes
Hygienic, individually-sealed wipes with exclusive Skin Response Complex to help purify the skin and prevent future breakouts while removing surface oil and impurities. May be used after cleansing or during the day as a hygienic touch-up on oily areas.

Skin Prep Scrub
Polishes the skin to silky perfection by removing dulling surface cells. Corn cob meal provides extra-deep cleansing while soothing herbs of mallow, arnica and sambucus combat over-stimulation. Apply to damp skin with a light massage and rinse off.

Soothing Protection Spray
A calming, soothing spray with anti-inflammatory agents to soothe irritated skin while reducing redness. Reinforces the skin's natural barrier function and helps protect against future assault.

Formulated with Fumaric Acid, Fumitory and Lemon Extracts to create a unique Anti-Ozonate Complex, protecting skin against damage from reactive ozone. Contains Sage and Red Clover to stimulate cell regeneration while inhibiting enzymes associated with inflammation and irritation. Cucumber, Chamomile, Water Lily, Licorice, Green Tea, Rasberry and Canadian Willowherb are added for their healing, anti-itch, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properites.

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Active Moist
A lightweight, oil-free moisturizer for oilier skin. Silk proteins, burdock, sage and elderflower extracts, protect against environmental dryness. Soothing panthenol and allantoin calm irritation and dryness. Absorbs easily with no excess residue.

Oil Control Lotion
A feather-light lotion with exclusive Skin Response Complex and technically-advanced microsponges that absorb oil on the skin's surface, leaving a matte finish. Ideally suited for acne-prone-oily skin.

Skin Smoothing Cream
A medium weight cream with soothing extracts of allantoin and panthenol to strengthen and protect. Corn oil and silk protein provide moisturization to smooth dehydrated skin. A light, environmental protection to shield against pollution, sunlight and dryness.

Barrier Repair
A unique anhydrous (waterless) moisturizer that melts gently into sensitized skin to soothe and help repair damage caused by environmental aggressions. Also strengthens the natural lipid barrier to resist future damage and loss of moisture.

Formulated with Dermalogica's Anti-Ozonate Complex of Fumanic Acid, Fumitory and Lemon Extracts to protect skin against damage from reactive ozone. Contains Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone and emollient silicones that enhance the barrier repair function of the skin while providing a velvet feel. Shea Butter (from the Karite Tree) and Evening Primrose Oil protect skin from dehydration and other climatic influences. Vitamins C and E provide anti-oxidant properties, while anti-inflammatory Bisabolol soothes skin.

Also, excellent for use after shaving.

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Skin Hydrating Masque
A gel based masque with plant extracts of hops, horsetail and arnica to moisturize dehydrated skins. Combats irritation and dryness with soothing allantoin and panthenol. Spread over the skin and around the eyes to replace lost moisture. Can be used as a separate eye masque.

Skin Refining Masque
A deep cleansing masque with kaolin and bentonite clays to absorb excess oils. Soothing aloe vera and cucumber help calm irritation. Natural peppermint and zinc help revitalize a dull skin. Spread an even film over damp skin and allow to set before rinsing off

Intensive Moisture Masque
A creamy masque with natural plant oils of safflower, corn, neroli and evening primrose. Nourishes an ultra dry skin with essential fatty acids, honey and vitamins, and alleviates fine dry lines. Smooths out dry areas of the skin.

Multivitman Power Recovery Masque
A powerful anti-inflammatory masque of concentrated vitamins and botanical extracts to calm environmentally-stressed skin. Pure Vitamins A,C,and E, plus Pro-vitamin B5, restore suppleness and moisture to the skin while helping to repair previous environmental damage. Soothing botanical extracts of Licorice, Comfrey and Burdock calm irritaion and reduce redness. Ideal for people who expierence skin sensitivity or dryness from previous sun exposure, wind burn, pollution or stress.

Anti-Bac Cooling Masque
A soothing, medicated masque with cooling menthol that calms irritated, blemished skin while helping to prevent future breakouts. Anit-Bac Cooling Masque contains unique Alginated Zinc Triplex, plus Green Tea and Licorice extracts, to soothe irritated skin while Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5) promotes skin repair. To help prevent further breakouts, beta hydroxy Salicyic Acid gently removes debris and acne bacteria from the skin. Acne-prone/oily skin conditions

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Daily Groomers
MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment
An intense, non-greasy treatment to protect and repair chapped hands while strengthening the nails against splitting and peeling. Pro-vitamin B5 and soothing Algae Extract combine with pure Sweet Almond Oil to help to heal dry, rough hands and provide an invisible barrier against environmental damage from weather and sunlight. Licorice Extract and Vitamin C help reduce the apppearance of hyperpigmentation ("age spots"), while SPF 15 sunscreen, including Avobenzone, shield the skin from damaging ultraviolet radiation. Antioxidant extracts of Ginkgo Biloba and Grape Seed plus Vitamin E neutralize free radical activity, guarding against further damage. Fragrance free.

Professional Shave
An ultra-smooth shaving remedy that forms a cushion between skin and razor for a close and non-irratating shave. Concentrated essential oils and antiseptic Camphor soothe and protect the skin as skin-comforting Organic Silicones buffer the razor to prevent nicks, cuts and redness. Perfect for men and women. All skin Conditions.

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Solar Defense System
Full Spectrum Block SPF15
A moisture-rich full spectrum sunblock cream for face and body that hydrates the skin as it provides triple protection against damaging UVA, UVB and Infrared rays. Formulated with antioxidant vitamins to help protect against premature aging and anti-inflammatory herbal extracts to calm and soothe skin as natural humectants guard against moisture loss.

Protective Self Tan SPF15
A moisturizing self-tanning cream for face and body that provides a natural-looking, sun-free tan and maximum sun protection. Antioxidant botanical extracts of grape seed and green tea plus vitamins A, C, and E help protect against premature aging. Achieve a rich, golden tan without sun exposure.

Ultra Sensitive FaceBlock SPF25
A non-irritating, lightly-tinted facial sunblock for ultra sensitive skin that offers maximum sun protection. Formulated with technically-advanced, ultra-fine porcelain particles of titanium dioxide to reflect the sun's most damaging rays. Herbal extracts and antioxidant vitamins help protect against premature aging; soothe and calm the skin. Blends easily on the face.

Ultra Sensitive BodyBlock SPF15
A non-irritating, chemical-free full body sunblock cream for ultra sensitive skin. Micronized titanium dioxide provides triple protection against damaging UVA, UVB and Infrared rays and soothing herbal extracts and moisturizing humectants. Botanical extracts of grape seed and green tea plus vitamins A, C and E provide antioxidant protection.

Sun Swipes SPF15
Hygienic, individually-sealed sunscreen towelettes for the face and body that provide protection against the sun's most damaging rays. Antioxidant vitamins help protect against premature aging while anti-inflammatory botanicals guard against skin irritation. Unique towelette application allows use in hard-to-reach areas or as touch-up on sun exposed areas.

Solar Shield SPF15
An easy-to-use sunblock stick for ultra-waterproof protection of the lips, nose and ears. Broad spectrum maximum protection for vulnerable areas with soothing grapefruit oil and bisabolol. Use alone or under lipstick.

Solar Defense Booster SPF30
A unique sunblock supplement specifically formulated to add the broadest spectrum UVA/UVB protection to your favorite moisturizer or foundation. May also be applied directly to face for maximum SPF30 protection. A must for clients.

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Ingestible Elixirs
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Energy Elixir
A professional blend of herbs designed to boost energy levels, increasing stamina and alertness.* Chinese Schizandra and Siberian Ginseng stimulate the immune system while combating mental fatigue and lethargy. Wild Oats and Damiana stabilize the nervous system, while Prickly Ash Bark and Kola Nut energize the body.

Detoxify Elixir
A professional blend to assist the body's natural elimination and detoxification process, reducing bloating, headaches and digestive dysfunction.* Dandelion and Fennel purify the body while Licorice and Gentian Root assist digestion.

Relax Elixir
A professional blend to relax the body and elevate the spirit.* Kava Kava, Hawthorn Berry and Passionflower extracts reduce mental nervousness and the physiological tension associated with stress. Hops, Peppermint and Mugwort alleviate anxiety-related digestive complaints.

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Concentrated Boosters
Gentle Soothing Booster
A soothing, protective treatment for sensitive skin. Natural red raspberry and chamomile extracts calm irritation. Cornflower and honey provide extra moisture protection to the skin. Apply 6 drops to damp skin under moisturizer.

Active Firming Booster
A firming, texturizing treatment with organic silicone from plant extracts of calendula and chamomile combat sensitivity. Apply directly to problem areas.

Skin Renewal Booster
An alpha hydroxy acid treatment complex to smooth the skin's surface, helping to eliminate fine, dry lines and uneven texture. Apply under or mix directly into moisturizer.

Intensive Moisture Concentrate
An easily-absorbed gel concentrate to treat areas of extra dryness. Natural organic silicone and hyaluronic acids combat dryness, while anti-oxidants guard against environmental pollution. Rich encapsulated treatment beads with vitamins A, E and C are released upon skin contact, smoothing fine lines.

Specific Skin Concentrate
An oil-free gel to supplement the daily moisturizer. Whole wheat proteins, algae extract and sodium PCA, bind with the moisturizer and dramatically increase its effectiveness. Add 3 drops directly to moisturizer.

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Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover
An extra gentle gel formula for complete removal of eye and lip make-up. Non-oily and free of drying alcohols. Silk proteins help strengthen the lashes and relieve dryness. Suitable for contact lens wearers. Apply to damp cotton, and stroke over the lashes and lips.

Total Eye Care
Our newest, most technically-advanced eye treatment cream. Gentle alpha hydroxy acid smoothes and reconditions the skin while the chemical-free sunblock protects against sun damage. Skin-tightening plant extracts retexturize the skin and help reduce puffiness around the vulnerable eye area. Optical light diffusors help diminish dark circles and fine lines, instantly restoring translucency and freshness to the skin.

Pigment Relief
An all-natural, easily absorbed lotion with Active Botanicals and alpha hydroxy acids to help even out excessive skin pigmentation caused by sun damage, oral contraception and pregnancy. Contains SPF15.

Intensive Eye Repair
An ultra-rich cream for the delicate eye area that alleviates dryness and improve s the skin's surface texture. Stabilized Vitamin C combines with soothing botanicals, antioxidant vitamins and powerful humectants to provide unparalleled firming and hydration, while phytonutrient Wild Yam helps to repair prematurely aging skin.

Dry to ultra-dry skin conditions.

Multivitamin Power Repair
A concentrated, daily-use vitamin treatment to reduce the signs of premature aging. Individual capsules ensure vitamin stability and potency so that the purest, most active ingredients reach the skin. Formulated with Vitamins A,C,E and F plus soothing botanicals, you will notice conditioning and firming results after just one treatment. Continued use will help the skin repair and aid in preventing the symptoms of premature aging, resulting in a more firm and toned complexion.

Medicated Clearing Gel
An overnight, medicated treatment that helps clear skin and prevent future blemishes by exfoliating dead skin cells, reducing oil production and combating acne bacteria. Contains Dermalogica's unique Alginated Zinc Triplex to fight bacteria, soothe inflamed skin and help regulate sebum production. Exfoliating Salicylic Acid is delivered deep into the follicles to prevent future blemishes, while naturally-antiseptic Tea Tree Oil aids in healing and soothing. Acne-prone/oily skin conditions.

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Spa Body Therapy
Conditioning Body Wash
A natural botanical, soap-free body wash that thoroughly cleanses and conditions the skin without stripping it of natural moisture. Works into a rich lather on hands, sponge or loofah, and can be added directly into running water to create a foaming bath soak.

Hydro-Active Mineral Salts
A dual-purpose sea salt body therapy that provides all-over skin polishing or a deeply relaxing bath soak. An advanced complex of mineral-rich sea salts, natural kelp, aromatic essential oils, spices and skin-smoothing enzymes gently exfoliates the entire body, leaving it ultra-smooth.

Streamlining Body Toner
A cooling liqui-gel with naturally-streamlining herbal extracts of green tea and seaweed which help tone and firm the body. An exclusiveblend of essential oils and organic silicones conditions the skin and helps increase its suppleness.

Stress Relief Treatment Oil
A water-soluble, aromatic body treatment oil for massage, bath therapy and deluxe skin conditioning. Advanced organic silicones and essential oils silken the skin and soothe the senses.

The Ultimate Buffing Cloth
Originated in Japanese spas, this quick-drying, hygienic exfoliating cloth buffs the entire body to silky perfection.

Toxin Relief Treatment
A detoxifying multi-use aromatherapy body oil for therapeutic massage, bath and deep skin conditioning. Fortified with essential oils of Rosemary, Sage, Juniper and Lemongrass, Dermalogica's Toxin Relief Treatment Oil helps reduce accumulated toxins and purify the body.

UltraRich Body Cream
An intensive, long-lasting, therapeutic body cream to help heal and relieve even the driest skin conditions. Restores the skins's precious moisture levels and when used as a massage medium, the unique liquefying formula 'melts' on contact, allowing for maximum slip and glide with essential moisture replenishment. Fortified with Dermalogica's Environmental Protection Complex of Glycolipids and antioxidant Vitamin E, this rich formulation helps restore and enhance the barrier function of the skin, reducing moisture loss while combating free radical damage. Evening Primose Oil also helps to quench and recondition scaly, dry skin, while Panthenol aids in cellular repair, helping to reduce further signs of premature aging.

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Treatment Foundation
Treatment Foundation
A selection of natural shades to match every skin tone. Coverage can be sheer or concealing. Moistureizes and protects the skin with an oil-free formula that stays velvety and flawless for hours. Combats visible dryness and conceals even tiny imperfections. Contamination free packaging allows for the most hygienic and economical application with either fingertips or the sponges provided.

Colour Corrector [-]
A light ivory corrective colour to lighten the foundation. Use for priming and concealing underneath the skin tone shade, or mix with the foundation for customized matching of the skin.

Colour Corrector [+]
A warm tan corrective colour, to deepen the foundation. Used alone, it gives a "sunkissed" glow to the skin. Allows for contourng of the eyes, brows and cheekbones. Add to the skin tone shade for customized matching.

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Basics Kits
Skin Care Basics Kits
Dermalogica offers a selection of skin care kits containing its most popular products in travel sizes, packaged in a deluxe mesh bag. Enjoy personalized skin care essentials to cleanse, exfoliate, condition and moisturize your skin to perfection. An ideal entroduction to Dermalogica skin care, specifically designed to suit any skin condition from oily to ultra-dry.

  • Oily-2oz
    Dermal Clay Cleanser, 2oz Mulit-Active Toner, .75oz Active Moist, .75oz Skin Prep Scrub, Facial Cleansing sponges, samples of Shine Therapy Shampoo and Silk Finish Conditioner.

  • Normal/Oily-2oz
    Special Cleansing Gel, 2oz. Multi-Active Toner, .75oz Active Moist, .75oz Skin Prep Scrub, Facial Cleansing Sponges, samples of Shine Therapy Shampoo and Silk Finish Conditioner.

  • Dry-2oz
    Essential Cleansing Solution, 2oz Multi-Active Toner, .75oz Intensive Moisture Balance, .75oz Skin Prep Scrub, Facial Cleansing Sponges, Samples of Shine Therapy Shampoo and Silk Finish Conditioner

  • Normal/Dry-2oz
    Special Cleansing Gel, 2oz Multi-Active Toner, .75oz Skin Smoothing Cream, .75oz Skin Prep Scrub, Facial Cleansing sponges, samples of Shine Therapy Shampoo and Silk Finish Conditioner.

  • Acne-Prone-2oz
    Anti-Bac Skin Wash, 2oz Multi-Active Toner, .75oz Oil Control Lotion, .33 oz Special Clearing Booster, Sample of Medicated Clearing Gel, Sample of Anti-Bac Cooling Masque, Sample of Gentle Cream Exfoliant, 2 Facial Sponges.

Spa Body Therapy Kit
Keep your body smooth and silky with a Spa Body Therapy Kit. Soap-free Conditioning Body Wash leaves the skin soft and supple. Hydro-Active Mineral Salts gently sloughs away dry skin and Body Hydrating Cream prevents dryness and skin chapping. Streamlining Body Toner is perfect for revitalizing and toning.

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